Thursday, January 29, 2009

Got Marty's?

Marty's Green Chile Salsa, made by Wichita's own Holmes-Made Salsa, is a great way to impress your guests for this week's big game. Whether it's with your favorite chips, or melted in with your favorite queso recipe, Marty's Salsa, yes, named after Mr. Marty Johnson himself, does not disappoint.

Holmes Made carries a wide variety of salsas and jams, from mild salsa to spicy Peach Habanero jam. The Cowboy Candy, a pickled jalapeno concoction goes great on burgers, brats, dogs, and really anything that needs a sweet and spicy kick to it. Try the Mixed Berry Jam on toast, pancakes, or in a big bowl of oatmeal. If you're looking for something extra spicy, the Peach Habanero goes great on a block of cream cheese, spread on your favorite crackers. No matter what your taste is, stop in to Johnson's before the big game to stock up on Holmes Made salsas and jams.

Good luck, be safe, and we hope your team wins!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Hour Special January 29!


Happy Hour Thursday January 29th-until they're gone!

All remaining tulip bulbs just $.10 each!  Regularly $.89

This is a great chance to add a little more color to your flowerbeds this coming spring.  Still plenty of cooling days to get them to bloom, weekend weather looks FANTASTIC for getting out and messing a little bit in the garden.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Hour January 22!

Whether you're an avid gardener who enjoys attracting birds to your landscape ... or you just enjoy feeding the birds on your patio ... the downside to this rewarding pastime is the mess it can make.  In the garden, seeds of all kinds sprout and start to take over. It's a never ending chore to keep them cleaned out. If your feeder hangs over the lawn, the grass eventually gets taken over by sprouts. Even on the patio or deck, shells and less desirable seeds are left behind by the birds, leaving an unsightly mess for you to clean up.
Johnson's "Gardener's Choice" can be put out on your patio or deck and all the seed will be eaten. There are no shells or undesirable seeds to leave behind. And all ingredients are chopped so you can put your feeder in the garden and nothing will sprout underneath.      Gardener's Choice contains 35% sunflower chips, 30% roasted peanut parts, 25% hulled proso millet and 10% peanut pieces.

Sale price $19.99 reg $29.98