Friday, July 17, 2009

Cotinis nitida - Green June Beetle

Nancy notified me that there 'were these giant bugs attacking our corn plants' today. As I approached the corn patch, there were dozens of swarming beetles. These 1" long insects, Cotinis nitida were flying around the corn stalks, some resting on the top portion of the plants. They actually are pretty impressive. I didn't think that they were doing the garden much good, and decided they needed to go. I sprayed the plants with Hi-Yield Indoor/Outdoor insect spray containing Permetherin, a safe insecticide that can be sprayed today and the fruit harvested in as little as 1 day. At first I didn't know if my attempt to control the insects was working because the swarm was still active. After putting up my spray equipment, I went back to collect a sample of the insect and they had all but vanished. I consulted with Sedgwick Co Extension Agent, Bob Neier and he informed me that these insects feed on the fruit of vegetables. The large grubs that they come from live in compost or mulch piles.
The key to insect control is to used an insececticide that is labeled for the insect and plant to be sprayed on, use the proper sprayer, and wear proper safety clothing. Follow the directions carefully and the product will work for its intended use.

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