Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seeding Cool Season Lawns

Today was the perfect day to seed a cool season lawn. I had a couple of areas to plant seed, different reasons in each area. The first area had been sprayed with Hi-Yield Super Killz-All about 4 weeks ago, and then again 3 weeks later, to make sure the bermuda grass was dead. Another area were just spots in an existing lawn that were just void of any grass. In this area I set a rototiller about 2" deep and loosened the top layer of soil. Another area, the exitsting fescue was just thin, and needed thickened up. I think in this area, my sprinkler system misses this area, so I will need to address this issue to get good germination.
The key points in getting a good lawn, is to plant the best seed available. We sell Gard'N-Wise premium Fescue blend. We recommend planting 8 lbs per 1000 sq ft. This blend is selected from varieties that have done well in KSU turf research. There is no weed seed in this blend, and it has a high germination percent.

Secondly, it is important to get good seed to soil contact. This is done by using a lawn comber (we rent at the stores) to make a shallow slit in the soil, through the thach, about 2" apart. Small areas can be raked with a garden rake, or use a rototiller as done for small areas.

Thirdly, it is important to use Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter to get the new grass plants growing. A follow-up application of Ferti-Lome Winterizer in 4 weeks will keep the plants growing this fall, and a final application of Winterizer in November will be the last feeding for the season. If weeds germinate with the newly planted seed, (as happens when the soil is disturbed) Ferti-Lome Weed-Free-Zone with Fertilizer may be used at this time to kill weeds and winterize the lawn

Finally, keeping the area watered to get the seed to germinate is important. Normally a light watering twice a day will get the seeds up and growing.

If you get the lawn planted in the next month you will be fine. The sooner you are able to get it growing though, the faster it will get established this fall. Once this is done, then next week you can plant pansies, mums, and asters. Then in October, the spring flowering bulbs can start going into the ground.

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