Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Pond Start Up

I know that this is not one of the most fun things to do in the spring, but getting your watergarden going has to be done. Our pond water was too low for our pump to work properly so that was the first thing to correct. After adding enough water to make the waterfall add fresh oxygen to the fish, I needed to do something about the dead leaves in the pond. I emptied out the skimmer which was full of leaves which helped the flow of water. I then added a new product from Aqua-One. This information from their website says it all.

Aqua-One is fast becoming one of the top-selling pond and aquarium products in America and the reasons are simple. Aqua-One is likely the strongest, most complex beneficial bacterial product available. It has no odor and usually sells for less than other products. We also put a “best if used by” date on every bottle, that ensures that you are getting an active, robust product.
Simply put, Aqua-One works to prevent or eliminate the most common water quality problems associated with ponds and aquariums.

Check out the photos and check back to see how Aqua-one helps my pond become crystal clear.

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