Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Florel Fruit Elimimator

I thought that maybe after the cold temperatures the past few nights that maybe, we would have been lucky enough for the sub-feezing temperatures to have killed Sweet Gum balls. These seed balls are the structure of the plant that produces the seed. After the seed has dropped, the balls dry, then fall off of the tree all winter and well into spring. As you can see, the sharp points are not something you want to step on. I guess you could make a Christmas wreath out of these, but that is about all.
Help is on the way with Florel, a spray that needs to be applied very soon, like this week, to have the tree drop the flower which will make the balls.
Florel® brand Growth Regulator is registered to reduce or eliminate undesirable fruit development on many ornamental trees and shrubs such as: cottonwood, crabapple, elm, flowering pear, maple, oak, pine, sweet gum (liquidambar) and sycamore. It also works on many other species that produce nuisance fruit.
Application must be made prior to fruit set; apply at the mid to full-bloom stage in sufficient water to wet (do not spray to run off). Good spray coverage is essential for complete fruit elimination. Application made too early or too late will also not be effective. Temperatures at the time of application should be between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. In university tests, we have received 95-100 percent control of undesirable fruit on many species. However, timing is extremely critical!

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