Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Johnson's Flat Sale starts Wednesday 4/22

I am not sure which on this is, but I am guessing it is about our 20th annual flat sale. I remember our first one. It was only 1 day, a Sunday. We ran a 'spadia' ad in the newspaper. A spadia is a wrap around the spline of a section of the paper. Ours was around the comic section, pretty good placement I think. We bought a 1/2 truck load of plants, about 900 flats total for 2 stores. I thought my place would be at the east store, and Nancy decided to help out west. I did think that the west store should place their sale plants in the rear of the greenhouse (like the grocers do with milk and meat). My idea worked real well. The west store greenhouse was FULL of customers, with a line to pay running the length of the greenhouse! Needless to say, those plans changed that next year.

We now run the sale 5 days long, and sell well over 12,000 flats of locally grown annual bedding plants. Since the early days, Wichitians, and surrounding customers literally take vacation days from work to attend the event. This year, the weather looks great for shopping, planting, shopping, planting. We have the shelves stocked well and more plants on the way.

Have a great week of gardening.

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