Sunday, April 18, 2010

Urban Gardening pt II

Well it has been a month since I planted some containers on our back patio. Soon after planting, we had 3" of snow. I decided to try a couple of things. 1. was to cover 1 of the tomatoes with a clay pot in the Earth Box to see how it would survive the storm. 2. was to spray the other tomato plant with a new product called FreezePruf, a new 'plant anti-freeze' from the Liquid Fence company. Check it out I think the FreezePruf will work to protect against a frost, but not a snow. I have since replanted the frozen plant (the plant on the right) but the pot covered plant is doing fine.

I have also planted some additional containers, Smart Pots with peppers, tomatoes and onion plants. One benefit to container gardening is that plants may be planted weeks earlier than in the ground much easier.

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