Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Urban Gardening pt III

With the warmer temperatures, longer daylength, my veggies on my back patio are really growing. Today, May 11, I figured it was time to get my tomato plants in cages, and my Earthbox trellis installed. last year, I waited too long in my row garden to get my cages installed and the plants were too large to get into cages. I would encourage you to purchase the largest cages available, or you want to spend your money on. Short, inexpensive are not worth the money spent on them. I would not use anything shorter than 42" cages, which is what I used. I will probably have to use 6' plant stakes later in the season to support these tomatoes. Keep your plants fertilized to keep the plants growing well. Always use a garden type fertilizer, never a lawn type food on veggies. You may have great looking, huge plants, but very little fruit production. (Yes, veggies are fruit). I am using FoxFarm Organic Fruit and Flower Fertilizer about every 2 weeks. http://foxfarmfertilizer.com/products_frog1.html This fertilizer is loaded with beneficials, which most potting mixes are missing. FoxFarm potting mixes are loaded with these microscopic wonders as well. I used FoxFarm Ocean Forest potting mix in both my Smart Pots and Earthbox. http://foxfarmfertilizer.com/products_soils1.html

I also have continued to add potting mix in my potato bags (10 gal Smart Pots) http://www.smartpots.com/ to encourage potato production in the complete depth of soil. (Potatoes are a vegetable, not a fruit)

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