Monday, August 3, 2009

Cut your watering frequency in half.

I ususlly set my timer on my lawn irrigation system on the manual setting and not the daily setting when we have frequent rains. I just don't like paying the electric bill to run the pump when it is raining. If I had city water, I know I would not like to pay that bill. I normally wait until my lawn tells me it is thirsty. Most turf areas have dry spots or as some put it, hot spots, those areas for some reason or another dry out sooner than the remainder of the lawn. Core aereation helps the water penetrate the soil. These areas may be lacking in organic matter which can be added with an application of Natural Guard Soil Activator.

A product that will reduce the frequency of watering has been available only recently from Ferti-lome called Aqueduct L&G Professional Water Management The unique thing about Aquaduct is that it ensures quick penetration and reduces run off. If you have clay soils, it will aide in the absorption of water as well. It will increase fertilizer retention, reducing the potential of nitrates leaching into ground water. This university tested product will treat 5,000 sq ft. for only $14.98 in a easy to apply hose end sprayer.

If you want to cut your watering from 4 to 2 or 3 times per week, apply Aqueduct to your lawn, and also landscape and flower areas and end the dry spots.

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