Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jalapeno pepper grills

Earlier this year at the Wichita Garden Show, we were lucky to come across a new vendor, Ed Bright from Honey's Jalapeno Grills. Ed designs and manufacture unique grills for cooking jalapeno peppers on your grill, or in your oven. We invited Ed to attend our Chile fest promotion this year, and lucky for us he had an open weekend in his busy show schedule. Jeremy was smart enough to get one of Ed's grills in March at the Garden Show, but by the time I went back to purchase a grill, Ed was sold out. I did pick up one of Ed's grills today at the east store, and this evening put it to good use. This is the best cooking gadget I have found for jalapeno peppers. I normally stuff a pepper with cheese, wrap it with bacon and lay it on the grill. When using Ed's grill, all of the cheese stays in the pepper, not running out as I have normally had occur. Go to and see Ed's grills. We hope to be able to stock the grills at our stores soon.

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